Ayden Hector – Start Preparing in College for a Lucrative Career in Professional Football

If you desire to become a college footballer, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically. College football is highly competitive, and in order to excel in the competition, you need to be disciplined and start preparing yourself from high school only.

Ayden Hector – Tips to start preparing for college football

Ayden Hector is a skilled cornerback and esteemed college footballer in the USA. He is a good player and serious when it comes to the development of his skills. He says that if you are a student and want to be a good footballer, you should be willing to train really hard. You need to have a good coach and be regular when it comes to practice and workouts.

Never set high expectations in college

He says that the biggest mistake that most students make is expecting too much. Starting to play football at the college level does not mean you are destined to become a famous footballer in the future. This is just the first hurdle you need to cross.

It is good to dream as this gives you a clear direction in life; however, when it comes to the accomplishment of your goals (if you desire to become a professional footballer), you must be consistent. You cannot afford to go wrong with training and diet. There are times when you might be criticized in front of your team for your playing skills. Different coaches use different techniques to boost performance and morale. The approach here is to not take criticism for poor playing skills personally. Like you, your coach too wants you to master your weaknesses when it comes to playing for the college team.

Play in as many tournaments as you can

College-level tournaments help you gather experience and practical knowledge. Never assume all tournaments are the same. You should never under-estimate your opponent team either. In the past, a team might not have the track records of winning. They can emerge victorious over time. This is where you need to control your pride and ego if you are in a team that has a good track record. Many young players often falter here. A few wins, and they fail to control their pride. They believe they can win every match and often stop practicing daily, assuming they are too good for the opponent team till they perform poorly in subsequent matches.

Keep your eye on the goal

College football teams want the best players, so you should always treat every game as a new one. Each game gives you the unique opportunity to improve and build your strengths as a player. If you have distant dreams of becoming a professional player, excelling in college football is not enough. You have a long way to go, so play as many tournaments as you can.

Ayden Hector sums up by saying college football is a great way to make friends for a lifetime. Your team becomes your friends, and playing together building an inter-dependency on each other really goes a long way in shaping your team spirit as a footballer to carry it forward in your career ahead if you desire to become a professional footballer in the future.