Mack Prioleau – A Talented & Accomplished Individual with a Zest for Life

A few people live in the moment and make the best use of all the opportunities that come their way in life. They are sincere in nature and eager to learn with their experience so that they can become wiser and evolve as better human beings. The competition they have is with themselves, and this is why they gradually become positive role models in society for others to follow.

Mack Prioleau is such an inspirational person who is an avid traveler, footballer, and fond of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and surfing. He lives in Dallas in Texas and works in the commercial real estate industry with a focus on the industrial sector. He is pursuing his graduation in Economics as a major with minors in Corporate Strategy and Financial Economics.

He played football in his freshman year and has contributed to his team’s success when it came to winning major tournaments. Besides sports, he performed equally well in academics as well. He earned a spot on the Dean’s list in three of the four semesters in college.

Sincere and hardworking individual

As a person, he believes in working hard and is completely dedicated to his goals in life. His accomplishments have been successfully reflected in his career and educational records. He grew up in Texas and loves to fish, hike, surf, and travel during his free time. He enjoys taking pictures and documents the places he goes to with them.

He stayed in the San Francisco Bay area till the age of 8 years. Later, he went on a world-trip to 19 nations with his parents. This is one of the most memorable experiences in his life, and he learned many new things during this trip, like Spanish, sleeping in any vehicle, and appreciating people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Giving back to the community with charity work and caring for the underprivileged

Besides football and studies, he was elected to be a Member Educator for his fraternity. He also has been certified under the Green Dot Program for the prevention of sexual assaults. He also is a volunteer with the Mary Parish Center. He helps to raise funds for many organizations like Fannie Battle Day Home for Children and Monroe Carell Jr Children’s Hospital located at Vanderbilt.

He now explores other cultures across the world. During his junior year, he was accepted to spend the Fall Semester in South Africa at the University of Cape Town, where he will get several opportunities for charity work and outdoor adventure.

Mack Prioleau has plans, after completing his graduation, to begin a career in an area where he can effectively put his leadership, Economics degree, and work ethic to good use. He is keen to join lifelong programs where he can help the underprivileged successfully. Besides charity and work, he wants to continue being the avid traveler and outdoor person that he is. He wishes to spend his time exploring the world and pursuing outdoor hobbies that are dear to him, like fishing and surfing.