Monitoring and Accountability for the CISSP Access Control System

Access Control Methodology and Domain of Knowledge General Agency System (CBK) for CISSP certification checks include subjects and topics related to verification, authorization and permit tracking or limiting user access to resources  CISSP dumps. In general, access control is software, hardware, or organizational administrative procedures or limiting rules or providing access, managing and recording efforts to access, determine users who try to access, and determine whether the access is authorized.

Access control and accountability

Considered as one of the objectives of access control is to limit unauthorized access to resources. It consists of access to systems (processes, connectivity links, networks, computer systems, etc.) or have access to data. In addition to controlling access  CISSP pdf, security is then related to preventing unauthorized disclosures and modifications, and providing consistent accessibility.

Monitoring and intrusion detection systems

Monitoring is a programmed method where individuals are responsible for their actions when confirmed in a process. Monitoring is also a process where activities that are unreasonable or abnormal are identified in a system. Monitoring is very important to detect evil acts by individuals, as well as intrusion efforts and system damage. This can help recreate the event, present evidence for prosecution, and create reports and evaluation of problems. Audit and logging are often the original function of the operating system and almost all applications and services. As a result, configuring the system to record information about certain types of events is quite easy.

Utilizing log files to detect problems is another problem. In many cases, when logging and appropriate audits are facilitated to monitor a system, a large amount of data is collected that important facts are lost in the masses. The art of data elimination is very important when dealing with large volumes of monitoring reports obtained from log files. There are several tools to go through a log file for certain incidents or ID codes  CISSP practice tests. On the other hand, for true automation and also real-time incident analysis, an intrusion detection system is needed (ID).

Accountability and audit trail

Accountability is done by recording individual activities and elements and the function of primary systems that maintain the work environment and security tools. The audit path produced by recording system incidents to logs can be used to evaluate system health and functionality. The system crash can indicate a damaged program, damaged drivers, or hacking efforts. Event logs before damage can generally be used to determine the reason the service fails. The log file offers an audit trace to recreate the methodical history of an event, interference, or system failure.

Monitoring and Accountability for the CISSP Access Control System

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